Artistic Laser Productions

A Marriage of Engineering & Art

 You could say that laser light is  in Marc and Paula Steger’s blood. Marc’s father was an electrical design  engineer…..his mother was an actress, poet, and artist. Paula’s  father was a civil engineer….her mother was an artist. Laser show  production allows them to use both sides of their inborn skill sets.  They entered the laser show industry in 1999, and are extremely  passionate about their craft. They work carefully with each client to  produce a laser light show that enhances their event and elevates it to one everyone will remember for years to come. When you hire the ALP  team, you can be assured you will get everything you imagined and more for your event. They love to make wishes come true and their favorite phrase (that they hear often) from their clients is ‘Wow, I had no  idea!’ / contact
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