Saved In America

WHO WE ARE: SIA is comprised of highly trained, skilled, experienced professionals–some of the best in their fields–including former Navy Seals, law enforcement officers, private investigators, attorneys, therapists, and counselors.

OPERATIONS: SIA’s Investigation Team gathers intelligence and evidence to locate and identify trafficking victims, perpetrators, and trafficking locations. The Law Enforcement Liason, coordinates with local and/or federal law enforcement officers, then SIA dispatches a Search and Recovery Team to track the location of victims.

STRIKE: SIA deploys the Child Recovery Team (former Navy Seals) to determined strike locations to rescue trafficking victims and capture offenders.

RESOLVE: The victims are brought to a secure location and begin a Recovery Program to be rehabilitated and returned to their families and/or re-integrated into society. SIA’s Legal Counsel provides legal assistance to victims and famillies. Child traffickers are turned over to law enforcement and submitted to the legal process.

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760-348-8808 (Main)

Valley Center Amateur Radio Club

The Valley Center Amateur Radio Club meets the second Tuesday of the month starting at 1900 hours (7:00pm) at the LDS Church in Valley Center. The church is located at 14826 Fruitvale Road, Valley Center. Occasionally, the Club will meet on a Saturday instead of Tuesday when special events such as T-hunts, antenna building, and similar activities take place.

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Categories: Non Profit & Service Groups

Valley Center

29115 Valley Center Road, Suite K-214
Valley Center, CA 92082 US


760.751.1155 (Main)