Del Pilar steps down as President, Much takes the reins

During the February board meeting, Founding Partner and President William Del Pilar announced he is stepping down as President so that current Vice President Faith Much fills the vacancy. The board voted unanimously to approve Faith Much as President for the remainder of Del Pilars term.

At the groups conception, Del Pilar was asked to take the lead and help grow the brand. Pilar informed the board, “After an extremely successful California 50th District Congressional Candidates Forum, and so I can focus on my own Central Committee candidacy, I feel right now is the perfect time for me to hand the presidency over to our Vice President.” Pilar added, “Along with the VC Planning Group, I have to give most of my attention to two new business ventures, a political non-profit and going back to my roots in the fantasy sports industry.”

Del Pilar remains on the board of directors.